Sunrise Homes

Sunrise Homes

Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal

Sunrise home has proved to be the first successful planned housing project with a wide range of single floor apartments, duplexes, complexes, complexes, row independent houses and bungalows, harmoniously and aesthetically blended into a township. “Providing the customers the best in modern lifestyle” was the basic premise upon which the edifice of sunrise home was built. The tremendous value appreciation of sunrise homes has group living to the newest and greatest heights.

Total built-up area: 2,60,000 sq.ft (approx.)


Sunrise homes, the undisputed leader in urban development in Nepal ,Embarked upon the planned housing project of sunrise homes in the year 2002 in Balkumari, Lalitpur. The well-orchestrated and exhaustive options offered by the project to satisfy the aspirations and demands of different sections were very enthusiastically accepted by the buyers. The fact that sunrise homes was completely sold out attests to its phenomenal success.

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